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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Quest Objective 3: Call Someone Out

The third objective in The Quest to rid the world of Gamer Rage is here.

Your mission is simple.

Call someone out for raging.

The next time you're around one of your friends, or someone online, it doesn't really matter who, call them out for raging.

Don't pour fuel on the fire though. Make them aware of how their acting. How silly it is. Be respectful about that and try to reach them.

Try to help them realize that they shouldn't be raging.

Losing is fine. A challenge is a good thing. The world isn't going to end because you got screwed over in a game.

Calm down.

The more people we can help to see the error of their raging ways the closer we'll come to a world without gamer rage.

This is my challenge to you: The next time you encounter someone who's raging (especially if you have the chance to interact in real life) try to calm them down and let them realize the futility of raging and freaking out at a game.

Let's make a better world for gamers.

Enjoy your game.

Enjoy your life.

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