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A blog about finding happiness in your life, and in your games.

The Quest

This is the hub page for The Quest for a Cure.

The Quest is a movement headed here at IJAG to rid the gaming world of Gamer Rage.

Sound like a lofty goal? You bet it is. But it's something I feel strongly about. Games are about positive emotions and experiences, not negative ones. We need to be a force for good, showing others how raging at games is ruining them.

Imagine never being mad at a game again. How great would that be? How much better would your life be?

That's what our goal is with the Quest; ridding the world of gamer rage, one gamer at a time.

Quest Objectives: 

Objective 1: Breathe
Objective 2: Le'ts be Gaming Gandhis
Objective 3: Call Someone Out

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Ridding the world of Gamer Rage is no small task. We're going to need an army. 

We need you to join it.

Do you feel this way about Gamer Rage? 

  • It's destructive to the personal happiness of the Rager and those around him/her.
  • It's a waste of time playing games upset.
  • Games are nothing to get upset about.
  • I want people to be happy, not ragey. 
  • Admittedly, watching someone rage at a game can be funny.

Do you fit any of these points? 

Become a Knight. Join the Army against Rage.

If you want to join our army, simply send me an email at joe.lutovsky@gmail.com with your name and your gamer name (xbox live, PSN, Steam, what have you). Subject line: The Quest.

Once you've done that I will  add you to our ranks and you will be ready to take your blood oath. 

Just kidding. 

You'll just have your gamer name added to this page and I'll be hoping you read new posts on The Quest and work towards ridding the world of Gamer Rage. You can subscribe via email to be notified of new posts in the sidebar of this page. Please do. 

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