A guide to finding happiness in your life and in your games.

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A blog about finding happiness in your life, and in your games.


What this is about:

I want you to be happy. 

That's the bottom line.  

It's Just a Game (IJAG) is here to help improve the overall happiness and gaming experiences of gamers who want to get more out of their games and more fulfillment from their lives. 

While It's Just a Game may seem to imply that games are not a serious thing, this is not the message of the title. It's Just a Game is simply stating that you shouldn't get angry at games. Read the first post by the same name to learn more: It's Just a Game

More Specifically: 

  • I write about personal development in the realm of video games and your personal happiness. I want you to be happy. 
  • Now and then I also write about feelings I have about games that I feel are worth sharing with you or other things. I keep things relevant though so don't worry. 

What links all of this together is happiness and emotional well being. And video games. With each post I try to give you new things to think about, and new things to try to help you get the most out of your games and your life where video games are concerned. 

I recently started The Quest for a Cure. A cause to try to eliminate gamer rage. 

Who is Joe?

You found me! I'm Joe and this is my little piece of the internet. Make yourself comfortable. 

I am a student at North Dakota State University in Fargo majoring in Web Design and International Studies.

I've lived in Düsseldorf, Germany for a year. I love to travel. I'm also fluent in German. 

I enjoy writing and finding beauty in everything. I believe that life is about being as happy and positive as you can be, and helping others be happy too. So spread the happiness whenever and wherever you can.

Also if you didn't realize it, I love video games.

I am RogueLieutenant