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Friday, July 1, 2011

The Quest for a Cure

A very close friend of mine has a serious condition. I grow more concerned every time I see this condition flare up.

He has been living with it for a very long time. With your support, we can cure him and the multitude of others who share his terrible condition.

It's Just a Game is dedicating itself to completely eliminating this awful affliction.

I'm going to need your help.

This condition is called Ira Feras* which is Latin for: the wrath of wild beasts, or more simply, Gamer Rage.

Although many are oblivious to it's terrible effects, in reality it is very serious. It affects one of the most vital aspects of a person's life and well-being; their happiness.

This affliction blinds a player to the fun aspects of a game, drawing the afflicted's focus only to things that they can get frustrated at, complain about, insult, or rage at. This makes it nearly impossible for them to enjoy themselves, which defeats the point of playing video games.

Through my research and experiences (I used to be a victim of GR myself) I have discovered some things to look out for.

Symptoms of Gamer Rage include, but are not limited to:

  • Yelling at the game
  • Yelling at other players
  • Yelling at the developers of the game for making a bad game
  • Sarcastically thanking either the game itself or the developers for something unfortunate that just happened
  • Squeezing the controller in frustration
  • Quitting the game in rage and or fury (both in unison can be a very harmful combination)
  • Throwing the controller any amount of distance
  • Angry or exasperated sighs
  • Team killing other players in the game if possible because they are "Not doing good enough" or some other excuse
  • Assumptions that everyone else in the game must just be terrible, and the player (the gamer rager) is really the only skilled player in the game. "I must be the only person who knows how to play this." "Why are you even playing this game?!"
  • Profuse swearing
  • Cranial combustion*

If you see a friend exhibiting any of the symptoms of GR, or you suspect they might have contracted GR, talk to them right away.

Tell them they need to stop. Raging does no one any good.

It is very important that you help them to realize how they've been acting towards video games. Let them know that it isn't healthy to be so angry at something so trivial. They play games for the joy of it, and raging gets in the way of that.

The effects of Gamer Rage are far reaching.

Gamer Rage can affect those in close proximity to the rager. It is difficult to be around someone demonstrating effects of Gamer Rage. It is hard for people to see friends and loved ones, people who can be so kind, overcome by the terrible effects GR.

Gamer Rage can also potentially affect people from any corner of the world. With online gaming (the main cause of Gamer Rage) allowing players all over the world to interact, Gamer Rage can affect virtually anyone, anywhere, making it all the more contagious.

Gamer Rage has gone unchallenged for far too long.

We must take it upon ourselves to combat this terrible affliction that ails so many of our fellow gamers, our friends.

We must let those who perpetuate Gamer Rage to realize the error of their ways and to make the world gaming a better, happier place.

We must show by example that games are nothing to rage about, rather that we should always do our best to enjoy them no matter the circumstances.

A life full of happiness and enjoyment far outweighs a life full of rage and frustration.

Recruit your friends to this cause, send them here if you don't feel like trying to convince them yourself. Let them know that we're out here, and we care. We want a world without Gamer Rage. A world where you can sit down and be happy with a game.

Spread the IJAG cause. Spread GR awareness.

We want to enjoy our games.

We want to enjoy our lives.

We want everyone to.

If you want to join the Quest for a Cure get in contact with me. I'm going to set up a roster of everyone who joins the Quest. We can build an army against the forces of Rage.

This is a very serious quest with potentially drastic outcomes if we can succeed.

We need to build our army for this quest.

Are you in?

You can contact me here.

More posts on the Quest to come.

Just in case you were wondering: I did try to make this article a bit funny, if not even slightly satirical, but I am also very serious about all of this.

I want to eliminate Gamer Rage.

This Quest is for real and I'm embarking on it. I'd be an honor if you'd join me.

*Ok I made up that latin stuff.

*This symptom has not yet been observed, but it is theorized that if one's gamer rage is left unchecked and unstopped, cranial combustion could occur. 


  1. LOL I, dunno man. I would say Gamer Rage is more fitting to single player game experiences. Smashing ones controller or yelling at someone online in multiplayer is kinda like personal fouls on the sports field. LOL just an idea. But I do agree that some people, need to calm down and take a minute.

  2. Oh I beg to differ, there are a lot of people out there who get pretty raged up while playing online.

  3. A mom that love her son :(February 26, 2013 at 11:12 AM

    I am a mother of a young man with gamer rage. I have seen him go from himself to someone I do not know. Just as soon as he is logged in the trash talk starts. In some aspect, I think they draw out the competitive players and make them mad right off (in your mind, if they have made you think you are doing bad then you probably will) which in turn will make the player extremely mad when the game starts and they are doing horrible. I have seen my young man hurt himself, as well as, objects (thankfully, not others). I have seen him get double, triple even pentakill (I don't know how you spell that) in one game and that game he was happy but if the game is normal, as in 8 kills and 3 deaths, he thinks he did horrible. I have seen him go through Halo 4 and wipe everyone out like they are standing statues but I have also seen others do that to him, when he dies a lot is when the rage starts. If you live with someone like this, you will find out it is worse than having a psychotic patient in your home. This is very serious and claiming the lives of our young. Think about it, we are doing all we can but it is you that has to live with them in the outside world. Ask yourself this, would you want to meet someone like you out on the streets? Life or games? It's just a game!

  4. To be honest, I'm currently suffering from Gamer Rage for 2 years now and I've suffered from almost all of the symptoms you've listed. Because I would become prone to these symptoms, I end up watching TV shows my mother hates such as Maury and Jerry Springer while I'm playing the game. And because of my condition, I would frequently get kicked out of game rooms and start fights with other players. Now, I need help to kick this out of my system for good.


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